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What Are Forex Managed Accounts?

95% of traders lose money this is a fact. 5% of elite traders have learnt to consistently be profitable month after month by controlling risk, however it is an extremely long and difficult learning curve and most people never get there. This is why, if you don’t have either the time or experience to trade, but still want to be involved in forex, then you can via a managed forex account.

We want to introduce you to a way to have your account safely traded by a top trade team via a MAM/PAMM model. New technology has made managed forex possible, as the traders can now electronically send their exact trades directly to a client’s personal trading account but without allowing them any access rights to be able to withdraw their client’s funds. The actual MAM/PAMM software connects your account to the trader’s master account as long as you open an account at the same brokerage as the trade team.

This kind of forex investment is not only safe, secure and transparent but also profitable. The client will retain complete control of their funds in a brokerage account in their own name at an FCA regulated UK based brokerage.

The client sends their funds directly to their brokerage account and their funds are held within this regulated environment. It is an internationally recognized Forex brokerage based in the City of London. They are authorised and regulated by the (FCA) Financial conduct Authority (Formerly the FSA).

Customers' funds are held strictly in "segregated accounts" with top tier banks such as Nat West, HSBC and Barclays.

The client will be the only one with access to those funds and they have the ability to withdraw them at any point without penalty. The client can view all live trades as they happen via an MT4 platform, and they can stop trading at any point if they do not like what they see. This keeps the client in control at all times.

The trade team target between 5-10% per month in account growth for our forex managed accounts with very controlled risk and fees are only charged on the basis of positive results. This means that clients only pay these fees if new profit is made each month. If it is a negative month then there are no fees that month and it is based on a high watermark. The no win no fee mentality ensures strong incentive for the trade team to make profits for the clients each month.

You are charged a fair fee for the expertise, which is of 35% of any new profits made, based on a high watermark. This means you still get to keep 65% of all profit. The performance fee can potentially be reduced for larger managed accounts.

The minimum investment is 10k.

Account in your name

Your account will be in your own name and you are the only person with access  to withdraw funds.

View all live trades

You will be given an MT4 trading platform where you will be able to view all live trades as they happen.

You are in control

You have  total control of your account, as you can stop trading at any point and withdraw your funds without penalty.

Regulated Environment

Your funds will be held in a regulated environment at an FCA regulated UK Brokerage.