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Dirty Brokerage Tricks!

There are some very important factors that you must know if you want to successfully invest into a forex managed account.

The reality is that no trading strategy will work, unless you can find an honest FOREX broker. This is the hardest part of trading and much more of a challenge than the actual trading system itself.

There are two types of brokers. Dealing desk (DD) or ECN/STP. An ECN/STP broker will not interfere with your trades as they make their money on commission on every trade that is taken win or lose.

STP = Straight through processing. What this means is that your trading order will be placed straight through to the liquidity pool provider rather than being placed through a dealing desk.

A Dealing Desk will be aware of where you have placed your stops as they can see this on their systems and therefore they can trade against your positions or run your stops (Sometimes called stop gunning) and the more you win, the more you are red flagged!

So when you join any managed forex account program you want to make sure the fund manager trades the managed account through a true ECN/STP forex broker.

Our managed account is with a very reputable fully FSA regulated ECN/STP broker with a proven corporate solid track record.

Our forex managed accounts have a verified track record that can be seen on myfxbook.


Account in your name

Your account will be in your own name and you are the only person with access  to withdraw funds.

View all live trades

You will be given an MT4 trading platform where you will be able to view all live trades as they happen.

You are in control

You have  total control of your account, as you can stop trading at any point and withdraw your funds without penalty.

Regulated Environment

Your funds will be held in a regulated environment at an FCA regulated UK Brokerage.